Download materials and recordings

Recordings, videos, presentations and other materials from the 2021 GLOBE Virtual Regional Meeting

Community Meeting Recordings

Tuesday October 5th

Community meeting recording

Wednesday October 6th

Community meeting recording

Thursday October 7th

Community meeting recording

Country Coordinators Meeting Recordings

Monday October 4th

Recording of the  first day of the Country coordinators meeting

Friday October 8th

Recording of the  second day of the Country coordinators meeting

Videos and presentations submitted by teachers and students

Playlist of videos

Playlist of video presentations and student videos submitted for the Meeting.

Presentations in pdf

Student and teacher presentations in pdf.

Other videos presented at the Regional Meeting

GLOBE Vloggers videos

Episodes from GLOBE Student Vloggers from all GLOBE regions.

GLOBE Agents of Change

Documentary series on how GLOBE impacts people around the world.

GLOBE Grandma Videos

GLOBE learning for teachers of early primary aged kids.

General Meeting Information

Invitation and agenda

Invitation letter with essential information including brief agenda in pdf.

Whole meeting agenda

Detailed agenda of the whole meeting in pdf.

ZOOM Login and user guide

Guide to ZOOM Patform in pdf.

Community meeting agenda

Detailed agenda of the community part of the meeting  (Tuesday to Thursday) in pdf.

CC meeting agenda

Detailed agenda of the CC ad DCC  meeting (Monday and Friday) in pdf.

Call for Studet Videos


Topic, format and due date of the Student Videos call in pdf format.


Facebook / website banner in jpg format.

Call for Presentations


Topics, format and due date of the Call for Presentations in pdf.


Facebook/website banner in jpg format.

Model presentation

Facebook banner with the essential information about the call in jpg format.