Trees are beautiful

They wake up again each spring.

Observe your tree from buds to leaves




Select a tree

Find a tree close to your school or home.




Observe buds

Select four buds. Observe how the buds swell and open.




Measure leaves

Check your tree at least twice a week. Measure the length of the four leaves.




Take pictures

Take pictures with GrowApp that directly transforms pictures to animation.





Talk about your tree to other students around Europe.




Upload data to GLOBE

Contribute to the worldwide GLOBE Program database.

“I love being part of the campaign. Students enjoy and we spend a lot of time outdoors.”

GLOBE school, Czech Republic

Select one of the 7 species

that GLOBE students around Europe follow in spring

Why should teachers join?

Because students will:

Enjoy meaningful time outdoors

Touch seasons

Become tree guardians

Make connections

Learn about vegetation cycle

Collect data for research

Joining the spring tree observation is easy.

You will get 4 short activities that will guide you through the observations.
The activities are suitable for distance learning.

Activity 1

  • find a suitable tree
  • describe the site where the tree grows
  • collect data for further research with GLOBE
  • learn to take pictures of tree with GrowApp

About the GLOBE Program 

The Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) Program is an international science and education program that provides students and the public worldwide with the opportunity to participate in data collection and the scientific process, and contribute meaningfully to our understanding of the Earth system and global environment.

There are 40,000 GLOBE schools in 127 countries around the world. GLOBE students, teachers and citizen scientists have participated in GLOBE contributing more than 247 million measurements to the GLOBE database for use by scientist and school inquiry-based science projects.